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Fernanne Kirkham migrated with her parents to the United States from Jamaica.  Having experienced the complexity of the process and stress involved, she aspired to become an IMMIGRATION and INTERNATIONAL TRADE LAW attorney.   

IN 1995 KIRKHAM LAW WAS ESTABLISHED to provide clients with impeccable service and peace of mind as they migrate and transport goods and services across the globe. Refer to our client testimonials to see what past customers have to say about our services. 

Contact us NOW for a FREE 15 minute consultation which will provide you with a general overview of your immigration options. If your case requires in-depth analysis or review of document, a paid consultation is required. 




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January 2018 - I had a green card for a number of years and decided it was time to be a US citizen but I did not know where to start or what the process was. I thought it would be best to get an immigration lawyer to represent me, after researching the web I came across Kirkham Law who is in Sun City Center. I Called her office and talk with her, she explain all the documents and fees I would need for my application that she would submit for me to the Department of Homeland Security. I am very happy to say I got my US citizenship and was glad I had chosen Kirkham Law to represent me as she made the process very easy and less stressful. She is very knowledgeable of the immigration law and a very caring person, I would recommend her for all your immigration application. 

Thank you so much to Ms. Kirkham for her excellent work in representing my husband, Ken and I in obtaining his Green Card. Months before, we had hired a highly recommended IMMIGRATION ATTORNEY and were astounded with the many, many errors his firm had made on our forms. We had already paid him $3,000 and he wanted $2,200 more. The forms he sent for us to sign and submit had over 25 errors! We didnt know where to turn, until a former client of Ms. Kirkham referred her. We called and set up an appointment. From that first meeting, we felt very confident in her knowledge of immigration procedures. During this important process we needed peace of mind (especially after our former experience). Her level of professionalism, her attention to detail and conscientiousness was AMAZING! Her forms and the documentation she included with our petition was PERFECT. The process went through without a hitch, a glitch, or a hiccup...In other words....smoothly. AND Ms. Kirkham’s rates are fair and reasonable. Within 4 months Ken and I went for his interview and obtained his Green card, much quicker than we thought possible. I wish I could think of better words to express our sincere appreciation for all Ms. Kirkham did for us.             

The first time I applied for a green card I was denied due to not knowing I was not able to live out of the country and apply. On my return to the US from Canada  (as my father was sick and lost his battle with AML) I was travelling with two small children and missed my flight because of immigration who gave me 6 months to get my immigration application refiled.   As you can imagine I was in no frame of mind to take on this task. The second time around I hired  KIRKHAM LAW. Ms. Kirkham was  the perfect person to take over the process of applying for my Greencard, for the second time.  Thankfully she was patient, thorough, very consistent and worked with our schedule. Ensuring the process was as painless as possible, she answered any questions we had, she was affordable and followed-up with USCIS to get updates on the status of our applications. Thank you for all your hard work, I can now say I am a permanent resident in the United States!

This IMMIGRATION law firm was recommended to me by a friend. I could not have been more pleased with their professionalism and punctuality. They always made me feel like my case was a priority. The lawyer answered all my questions and made me feel at ease.        

I needed help in applying for my green card. I had researched several lawyers and by chance I heard about Ms. Kirkham who was about to give a seminar on Immigration issues in Ruskin, FL. The bottom line is, there are a lot of lawyers that do Immigration Law, but they don’t have the compassion she has. She cares for her clients as people, not just customers and she is thorough and knows her business. I would recommend her highly. 

CUSTOMS LAW - I had a serious situation when U.S. Customs seized my entire container of imports. Thankfully I was represented by KIRKHAM LAW. Ms. Kirkham was available every day of the week and worked effectively with the Manufacturer in China and U.S Customs in Tampa, FL to ensure release of my shipment. When it comes to professionalism and competence, I recommend Kirkham Law. V. Patel, UNIC IMPORTS, Sarasota, FL

Kirkham Law’s experience in International Trade was magnificently manifested in the successful resolution of the Cement Antidumping case of Jamaica vs Dominican Republic in our favor. In the area of International Trade Law...the go to firm for astounding work and professionalism is Kirkham Law. 

Ms. Kirkham was seected as a Regional Consultant to the Joint University of the West Indies and World Trade Organization (UWI/WTO) International Trade Policy Courses conducted for public trade officials throughout the Caribbean Region,  Her  extensive knowledge and experience in International Trade Matters has made an invaluable contribution

Ms. Kirkham was hired by the Government of Jamaica to establish an International Trade Investigative Body that is fully compliant with the  World Trade Agreement (WTO) Treaty on Trade Remedies,   Her performance in getting this new organization off the ground was outstanding. She guided the design of the public education and training and actively participated in refining the law and drafting the governing regulations. She developed and nurtured relationships with the WTO office in Geneva Switzerland and with similar commissions in Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Trinidad. Three years later Auditors from the WTO singled out the Jamaican Commission as exemplary, and a model for developing countries. Beverley Morgan, Chairman of JADASC

We appreciate and thank Ms. Kirkham for her penchant for painstaking and hard work and her contribution to the establishment of the Jamaican Trade Remedies Commission, an organization which now holds a lofty position in the Caribbean region as assessed by external observers and experts.  Philip Paulwell, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Technology, Jamaica

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Retaining Kirkham Law is the difference between visa approval and visa denial.


As an immigrant myself,  I know how necessary immigration attorneys are to the process. IMMIGRATION forms and the questions asked are based on current immigration law.  Therefore, responses must be correct and complete. Repairing mistakes CAN be difficult and costly.  KIRKHAM LAW WILL ACHIEVE THE BEST RESULTS FOR YOU, by asking a few questions we can determine the best immigration options for you, thereby saving you time, money, and stress.

At Kirkham Law we provide one Free Consultation per person either on-line or by telephone.  In-person consultation attracts a consultation fee. 

Green card

  • Family Green card

  • Consular processing

  • Adjustment of Status

  • Violence against Women

  • Visas (visit, school, work, U and T) 

  • Citizenship

  • Temporary Protected Status

  • Interview preparation

  • Waivers & more

  • Immigration Law of USA, JAMAICA & CARICOM

Success in International Trade requires Efficient management of risk and Maximization of opportunities. 


FULL SERVICES INCLUDE:   Advising clients on risk management, trade opportunities and compliance with trade laws and regulation: 

  • Competitiveness strengthening

  • Trade Law Compliance

  • Customs Classification

  • Customs Valuation

  • Import/Export controls

  • Due Dilligence



  • Industry experience - Milk, paper, cement, matches and others.

  • WTO/CARICOM Trade Laws and Policy

  • Treaty Dispute Settlement

  • Drafting of Trade Laws

  • Trade Facilitation

  • Trade Remedies (antidumping, countervailing and safeguard measures)


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With affordability in mind, some people are comfortable preparing their own documents.  This service is only for those clients that prepare and file their own immigration applications, but may still need guidance as they navigate through the difficult immigration application process.


  • Cost savings

  • Attorney review of your documents

  • Questions answered by an attorney

  • Avoid critical mistakes, time delays and uscis rejection for missing or incomplete information

If you are interested in our attorney document review services, here is a detailed explanation of how our process works and what is included:


  • Client Signs Retainer and pay attorney fee

  • Client sends us completed forms and evidence to review (online/in person)

  • Attorney conducts detailed review and provides a written report of suggested changes/errors, corrections.

  • Client Follow up (questions/answers)


The client is responsible for the following:

  1. Document Preparation – Your application must be self-completed entirely prior to utilizing our services. We do not review documents that are only partially filled out or substantially incomplete, however, we can assist you in specific areas of your forms or applications that are incorrect.

  2. Submission of forms/applications & postage - You the client are responsible.

  3. Submission of Filing Fees associated with your petition.