In the 1970’s the Kirkham’s migrated their family and business from Jamaica to the United States and experienced first hand the complexities of Immigration and International Trade Law. Their daughter, Fernanne, promised to become an Attorney and help others in similar circumstances. In 2002 Fernanne founded KIRKHAM LAW which provides U.S. IMMIGRATION and INTERNATIONAL TRADE legal services to clients around the world.



  • Flat fees

  • Full review of your circumstances

  • Advise on available options

  • Accurate preparation of your case

  • Submittal to appropriate agency

  • Continuous Updates

  • Interview/Hearing Preparation


A PAID CONSULTATION is required for complex matters including Visa Cancellation, Deportation, and Other Visa Denials, as these require obtaining and reviewing specific facts and documents, prior to providing any advice.


Mrs Kirkham is truly the best lawyer you could ask for. I received a Request for Evidence and was extremely panicked. She calmed me down with her quiet voice alone and convinced me everything would work out well. She worked tirelessly to come up with the best course of action to take. All other lawyers I used prior to her were of no help! She worked often LONG after work hours to finish the job and stayed in contact with me. I’ve never met a lawyer as thorough and caring as Mrs Kirkham. I felt like I was her top priority. I HIGHLY recommend her.

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Tampa, FL

Carisa M., Kingston Jamaica

Ms. Kirkham is simply the best immigration lawyer one could ever ask for. I was recently denied an F1 student visa under Section 214B. I was devastated and thought all hope was lost. I browsed the list of top immigration lawyers and found Kirkham Law was highlighted. I contacted all the law firms and spoke with the lawyers. I was impressed with the way Ms. Kirkham spoke to me. She spoke with confidence and consoled me that she would do everything she could to resolve the issue. I met with her and she reviewed my documents and gave me some recommendations and advice on how to proceed and the documents that I had to obtain. I followed her advice and we conversed regularly. After obtaining the required documents a new DS160 was prepared for me and I got a new visa appointment. She encouraged me to speak with confidence, have faith and present all the documents I had to convince the Consular officer that I was qualified for the visa. I was granted the F1 visa. Thank you Ms. Kirkham for your tremendous work. I did not know it was possible to obtain a visa within one month after receiving a denial. You are simply the best lawyer one could ever ask for. I am glad the day I made the decision to allow you to represent me on a case that seemed impossible..

N. LaGamba, Tampa, FL

I had a green card for a number of years and decided it was time to become a US citizen, but I did not know where to start or what the process was, I thought it would be best to get an Immigration Lawyer to represent me. After resesarching the web, I found Kirkham Law. I called and spoke with Ms. Kirkham and she explained the process, fees and documents to me. I hired her and am very happy to say I got my US citizenship and am glad I chose Kirkham Law. Ms. Kirkham made the process easy and less stressful. She is very knowledgeable of Immigration Law and a very caring person. I would recommend her for all your immigration needs.

Jan & Ken R, Tampa, FL

Thank you so much to MS. Kirkham for her excellent work in representing my Husband and in obtaining his green card. Months before, we had hired a highly recommended attorney who charged us $5,200 and the documents he prepared for us contained over 25 errors. A former client of Ms. Kirkham referred her and we called her and set up an appointment. From the first meeting we felt confident in her knowledge of immigration law. During this important process we needed peace of mind (especially after our former experience). Her level of professionalism, her attention to detail and conscientiousness was amazing. The documents she prepared were perfect. The process went through seamlessly and Ken received his green card.

Natalie F. Apollo Beach, FL

Kirkham law was recommended to me by a friend. I could not have been more pleased with their professionalism and punctuality. They always made me feel like my case was a priority. The Lawyer answered all my questions and made me feel at ease.

The first time I applied for a green card I was denied. The second time around I hired Kirkham Law. Ms. Kirkham was the perfect person to take over the process. She was patient, thorough, consistent and worked with our schedule. The process was painless, she was affordable and kept us up-to-date. Thank you for all your hard work, I can now say I am a permanent resident in the United States!

Stephanie M, Riverview, FL

John Kropac, Ruskin FL

I needed help in applying for my Green Card. I had researched several lawyers and by chance I heard about Ms. Kirkham who was about to give a seminar on Immigration issues in Ruskin. The bottom line is, there are a lot of lawyers that do Immigration Law, but they don’t have the compassion she has. She cares for her clients as people not just customers and she is thorough and knows her business. I would recommend her highly.

Unic Imports, Sarasota, FL

U.S. customs seized my entire container of imports. Thankfully I found Ms. Kirkham and she worked effectively with both the manufacturer in China and U.S. Customs officials in Tampa to ensure release of my shipment. When it comes to competence and professionalism I recommend Kirkham Law.

In the area of WTO Antidumping - International Trade Law, the cement company in Jamaica brought a case against Domicem. We were represented by Kirkham Law and won…This was the first time a foreign company won against the cement company in Jamaica. Kirkham law and their Washington team was experienced and professional.

Buying House/ DOMICEM,

Ms. Kirkham was selected as a Regional Consultant to the Joint University of the West Indies & World Trade Organization (UWI/WTO) International Trade Policy Courses conducted for Caribbean public trade policy officials. The goal is to strengthen the institutional international trade capacity in the Caribbean. Ms. Kirkham’s extensive knowledge and experience has made an invaluable contribution.

UWI, Jamaica /WTO

Immigration laws determine who is allowed to enter the USA and for how long, and also the process for becoming a citizen of the United States. Errors, mistakes and past actions can result in visa denials, visa revocation, visa cancellation, request for additional evidence and even deportation. Contact us now for a consultation!

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The exchange of goods and services between countries must comply with the rules and customs governing trade. Kirkham Law provides international representation and full service advice towards trade compliance, trade defense and trade profitability.  Contact us now for a consultation!

  • Trade Facilitation & Competitiveness

  • INStItUTIONAL Strengthening

  • Trade Law DRAFTING & Compliance

  • Customs Classification & Valuation

  • Import/Export Controls

  • Internatonal trade agreements - WTO, CARICOM CET/US Section 301 measures/Trade Remedies

  • Treaty Dispute Settlement



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